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Contact me for your personal, professional, and persistent criminal defense attorney in Wausau, Wisconsin. I have the experience, reputation, and ability to competently represent you in any criminal defense case you face in Wausau, Wisconsin. I champion Constitutional rights not only to protect my clients, but also to maintain integrity and justice for all.

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I have successfully defended nearly a thousand clients over ten years. Let me handle your criminal case. No matter what type of offense, you are in good hands.

Domestic Abuse Criminal Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Disorderly Conduct

  • Criminal Damage to Property

  • Battery

  • Strangulation and Suffocation

  • Stalking

  • False Imprisonment

There is no discretion for domestic abuse. When the police are called, someone is going to jail. You or your loved one will most likely get arrested for disorderly conduct as an incident of domestic abuse. Often there are additional charges of battery and criminal damage to property. In some serious cases, you are charged with strangulation and suffocation, false imprisonment, or stalking. These are felony offenses, and they are domestics. Any domestic abuse charge may affect your right to bear arms. You need a solid defense attorney to get you out of a domestic conviction. Over my career, I have helped hundreds of clients avoid domestic abuse convictions, keep their gun rights, restore their family life, and even walk away with all charges dropped in the end.

Obstructing an Officer Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Resisting an officer

  • Obstructing an officer

What do you do when an officer pulls you over? Do you tell him your story, or do you remain silent? What if you start talking but then leave out something he thinks is important to know? Depending on what you say—anytime you encounter a police officer—you could end up “obstructing” the officer by making his job “more difficult.” If an officer thinks you are lying to him, chances are you are getting arrested for obstructing. If you resist him while he tries to arrest you, you get the charge for resisting an officer too. There are legal defenses to these crimes. I know what you should do when you meet an officer—how to act, what to say, and how to behave. But if you or a loved one was already charged or arrested for crimes against the police, do not fear. I am an experienced defense attorney and will help you fight back in the legal system.

Defending Gun Rights in Wausau

  • Endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon

  • Carrying a concealed weapon

  • Possession of a firearm while intoxicated

  • Possession of a firearm by a felon

  • Self-defense and Castle Doctrine

It's American to own a gun. There are more guns than citizens. Perhaps you grew up hunting. You cherish your right to hunt and want your children to have that same tradition. Or maybe you enlisted in the military and depend on possessing a weapon for your career. Or maybe you just need a gun in case someone breaks into your home and you need to exercise your right to self-defense. You might also want a concealed carry license. As a firearm owner and hunter, I understand. I am here to defend your 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms. Over a decade now I have saved military careers, family traditions, and armed citizens by protecting my clients from losing their gun rights.

Violent Crimes Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Homicide

  • Reckless homicide

  • Aggravated Battery

  • Substantial Battery

  • Recklessly endangering safety

  • Robbery

If you are facing a violent crime, you need a serious felony defense attorney. There are few criminal defense attorneys in Wausau that have homicide trial experience, and I am one of them. I have also defended those charged with aggravated or substantial battery charges, recklessly endangering safety (often involving a gun or a weapon), and robbery charges. I have successfully helped clients avoid felony convictions, prison time, and even jail time for violent crimes.

Property Crimes Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Trespass to Land

  • Criminal Trespass to Dwellings

  • Burglary

  • Theft

Sometimes good people make mistakes—maybe crossing a land boundary while hunting or hiking in the great outdoors—and then are caught on a trail camera. Or perhaps a teenage son or daughter got into a car because their friends suggested they be the getaway driver. It all starts out so harmless, but in the end, bad things happen on someone else's property. Now you or your loved one are facing criminal trespass or even burglary charges. Many times, a person is charged as a party to the crime even if they did not step foot on the property or steal the item in question. This happens all too often. However, there are specific defenses to these types of situations. Sometimes there is an alibi. For example, I had a case once completely dismissed because of a solid alibi alone. So, when you or your loved one are charged with a property crime, even as a party to a crime, I am there to defend you. I will investigate the facts, explore an alibi or other defenses, and zealously advocate for you. 

White Collar Criminal Defense in Wausau

  • Theft in a business setting

  • Identity theft

  • Forgery

  • Fraud

Times are tough. It can be hard to pay off credit card bills or keep up with monthly finances. Sadly, the temptation to steal from an employer is hard to resist. The opportunities are all too easy. Even if you regret doing it after the fact, no one catches you—until they do—years later. There are exceptions to the statutes of limitations that mean law enforcement and your employer can discover and prosecute the crime even later than normal. When it happens, though, and you have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars, you are facing a prison sentence. However, with my business degree and background, I understand white collar crimes better than most prosecutors. There are sophisticated schemes, accounting details, and contractual nuances that must be considered. Even if there is not a technical defense, I will learn about who you are, why you did what you did, and what we can do to help you. I have spared many clients from prison, felony convictions, and career-crushing charges when they embezzled, committed forgery or fraud, or were charged with theft in a business setting.

Child Crimes Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Child neglect

  • Physical abuse of a child

  • Causing mental harm to a child

  • Child enticement

  • Incest

  • 1st, 2nd degree and repeated sexual assault of a child offenses

Being a parent is challenging. There are countless things that go wrong every day. Sometimes a child falls and gets injured—but because they show up at school with a mark—you find yourself getting arrested for a felony. Or maybe your teenage children have a party and one of their friends accuses you of sexually assaulting her while no one was around to see. Or your grandchildren say you touch them inappropriately. These crimes are embarrassing to deal with, but I am not afraid to be your strong advocate. We know that false accusations happen regularly. Moreover, the State has a hard time proving these cases without witnesses, corroborating evidence, and DNA. Even so, if it is serious enough, you may be facing a prison sentence and sex offender registration. You need thorough and diligent representation to investigate the facts, uncover the truth, and free you from the lies. I have represented clients charged with everything from child neglect to child sexual assault to incest—obtaining excellent results for many clients in avoiding felony convictions, prison sentences, and sex offender registration.

Sexual Assault Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Prostitution

  • Lewd and lascivious behavior

  • 2nd degree sexual assault

  • 3rd degree consent violations

  • 4th degree sexual contact offenses

  • Unconscious victims and date rape

Going to a bar is fun—until you wake up at someone else's house and find the police questioning you about what you did last night. Alcohol often leads to poor decisions and regret. And it can land you behind bars. But that does not mean that every sexual encounter is non-consensual or legally a crime. Even if there is DNA evidence, your credibility still matters. After thorough investigations into the facts and circumstances, zealous advocacy, and strong defense narratives, I have prevented clients from going to prison, getting a felony conviction, or being registered as a sex offender.

Computer Crimes Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Possession of child pornography

  • Use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime

  • Invasion of privacy

  • Revenge porn cases

Technology is all around us today. It is so easy to download something on your computer. Hackers abound and prey upon weak defenses. Sometimes a roommate uses your computer and downloads child pornography. Or maybe you posted something on Snap Chat or Facebook but did not realize you shared it with everyone. Or someone claims you put a camera in their bedroom and invaded their privacy. Or you tried hooking up on Tinder with someone who claimed they were under 15, but you did not believe them. While these scenarios do not happen to everybody, they can happen to anybody. All it takes is for someone to use your device and you may find a State investigator knocking at your door. When that happens, depending on the severity, you are going to jail and can even face mandatory prison time for crimes like child pornography and using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime. In these situations, you need technical support from a tech-savvy lawyer. I am a criminal defense attorney that knows and understands technology well. I use the latest technology in my work. I understand computer operating and file systems from building my own computers. And if the technicalities go beyond my knowledge, I will obtain the best computer expert. In fact, to date, I may be the only defense attorney in Wausau that secured a complete dismissal of child pornography charges based on technological grounds and a sound legal theory of defense. I have obtained reduced prison sentences and mandatory minimum sentences in child pornography cases. I have prevented clients from going to prison in use of a computer to facilitate sex crime cases. I have defended revenge porn and invasion of privacy cases, including a complete dismissal based on a mistaken identity defense. Whatever your case is, you are in good hands.

Animal Abuse Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Mistreating animals

  • Failing to provide food and shelter

Sometimes people are too broke to feed themselves, let alone their animals. Or a farmer puts down an animal, but only to find out it is a crime. Or maybe your significant other has too many cats in the house. As absurd as it may seem, animal crimes can even make the nightly news. I have experienced and defended such cases successfully. I will learn about your circumstances, be compassionate and understanding, and create the best defense narrative for you so that you do not go to jail.

Drug Possession Defense Attorney in Wausau

  • Possession of THC

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

  • 2nd and subsequent offenses

  • Possession with intent to deliver offenses

  • Possession of Cocaine, Meth, Heroin

From black tar heroin to cocaine, meth, LSD, THC, and every prescription pill in between, I have represented numerous clients facing drug charges of various quantities—from the biggest pot grow in the county to the smallest one-hitter. Most of the time, drug charges arise from being stopped by the police. The K9 gets deployed and you find yourself and other passengers being searched, arrested, and stripped down. The question is always whether you had knowledge of the drugs. You might be charged as a party to a crime for someone else's drugs too—but only if you knew about them and were ready and willing to help them. Possession of tetrahydrocannabinols is still a crime in Wisconsin, and in Marathon County, it is still prosecuted. Second and subsequent THC offenses are felonies—but are more rare these days. Possession with intent to deliver charges usually come from controlled buys or just because you have a lot of cash, a scale, and drug paraphernalia near your supply. In any of these scenarios, the police need reasonable suspicion to stop you, probable cause to arrest you, and a search warrant to search your residence. I have successfully litigated drug cases over my career resulting in many non-convictions, felony reductions, no jail or no prison sentences, and court diversion agreements. Even in the most serious cases, like one involving the Mexican drug cartel, I have substantially reduced prison sentences. If you need an aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorney for felony drug defense in Wausau, Wisconsin, contact me.


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Even good people make mistakes. But the worst mistake is to represent yourself in a criminal case or to plead guilty to an OWI without even knowing your options. Or to speak when you should remain silent. Or to consent to your phone or property being searched. Or to violate your bond without realizing it.

I have more than a decade of experience getting clients out of sticky situations and obtaining outstanding results, such as: trial acquittals, suppression successes, case dismissals, countless felonies amended or dismissed, probation revocation victories, OWIs amended to lesser charges, and other creative solutions in Wausau, Marathon County, Wisconsin and the surrounding counties. While no two matters are ever the same, know that you have an accomplished, top-rated advocate on your side.